The Sun’s magnetic pole reversing – an exceptional cosmic event

At the end of an 11 years cycle (approximately), our Sun passes through a remarkable magnetic pole reversing process: the pole that until then represented the star’s electric field becomes the negative pole, and the pole that was negative becomes positive. This magnetic field reversing, which is exceptional in the context of cosmic life of the “Sun’s family” from which all the planets, natural satellites, comets, asteroids and meteorites from this cosmic area of our galaxy are part of, takes place during the cosmic activity that scientist name “solar maximum”. In this relative short period of time, the solar explosions are magnified in intensity and in number.

At the moment we are passing through such a period of solar maximum. Although the number of solar explosions does not yet meet the astrophysician’s expectations, however it seems that what is important is starting to arrive from now on. Astronomers and experts in astrophysics estimate that the expected event of the Sun’s magnetic pole reversing will take place in the following 2.3 months.

An article published by NASA in 2003 (after the last solar maximum that took place in 2002) explains the manner in which this process takes place in the star:

explozie-solara-1“The solar explosions throw in outer space milliards of tones of gas with electric loaded particles, that bear the “signature” of the old magnetic field of the Sun, thus allowing the installation of a new magnetic field, which is inversed. We can say that these violent solar explosions are like some kind of “cleaning” that the Sun from our solar system make once in 11 years. The Sun continues to eject huge quantities of “magnetic field” in outer space through the intense activity of solar shadows and spatio-temporal contortions in its restive atmosphere. The maximum take place after a big part of the solar shadows were “cleaned” reducing their number. This activity leads to a reversed magnetic field of the Sun because the magnetic north and south poles reverse their positions.

What does this event mean to us, people who live on Earth? Strictly speaking we can expect a much powerful solar energetic field’s interaction with our planet, which will be felt through the accentuated boreal auroras and Sun’s magnetic field fluctuations. Although beyond the physical influences there are subtle influences that are more important.

First of all what we need to understand is the fact that the Sun’s magnetic pole reversing it is not produced instantaneous, but it represents a process that can last for months or even years. For example, the last reversing lasted from 2000 till 2002; the Sun’s northern magnetic pole ended its motion in November 200, but the southern pole ended the same process in May 2002. Therefore, just like the majority of transformations that the human being lives in life, the Sun’s magnetic pole reversing seem to have the characteristics of a process than an event that happens suddenly.

explozie-solara-2Interesting is the fact that, once the new solar cycle in 2000-2002 started, our planet and ourselves, as human beings also started a new cycle of existence. Precisely because of that it seems that we are very close to a beginning of a new cycle; in other words we are right at the beginning of initiating a new phase of our existence.

We are all aware of the dramatic events from 2001 that have effectively produced major changes in people’s life on Earth; multiple barriers regarding rights and freedoms that we should have had, as well as the instauration of a unprecedented governmental control that currently led to a critical situation in many areas of the globe. At that time though everything seemed reasonable because of the fact that FEAR took over the minds and judgments of a big majority of people.

Now the situations seems to be reversing, because many of the so-called governmental “rights” to act “in the name of national security and for the citizen’s welfare” are questioned, debated and even challenged by an increasingly number of people. It seems like humankind managed to pass over the “leap” of fear and heads towards a new stage of free manifestation and truth searching.

The following months will be of course a precious indicator for each and one of us, on a professional level and also on a large level of human evolution.



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